Build Character at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin

Build Character at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin

Enroll your child or yourself in our martial arts programs in Jacksonville, FL

Would you like to earn your black belt? Join us at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida for fun and challenging martial arts classes. Through our karate programs, you’ll build self-esteem and learn useful self-defense techniques.

We’ll help you improve your karate skills

Sign up for our karate programs and master the art of self-defense. Our programs include:

Taekwondo/Tang Soo Do

This Korean martial arts class focuses on fast and powerful kicks. We also work on practical self-defense techniques.

Tiger program (4-7 years old)

Through fast-paced classes, children will learn about respect, leadership, focus, discipline and self-confidence.

Dragon program (2-3 years old)

This is an introductory program geared toward building motor skills, concentration and basics martial arts techniques.

Women and teen self-defense classes

Custom classes that focus on awareness and confidence for young adults and women. We teach simple and effective escape and safety techniques.

Filipino martial arts (stick fighting)

A combination of Kali and Arnis. Using Filipino techniques, we’ll improve strength, coordination and reflexes. Appropriate for children (six years and up) and adults.

Afterschool program (St. Johns County)

We offer onsite classes in select northern St. Johns County schools.

You can also hold your child’s birthday party at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin. Call 904-262-8200 to sign up for a class or to learn more about our programs.