Join Us on the Mat at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin


Do you want to improve your fitness level and advance your karate skills? Train with friends and family in our martial arts classes and programs at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida. Our family-oriented karate academy is the perfect prescription for building character and improving technique.

Practice the art of karate with the supervision of trained instructors

With over 20 years of experience in karate training, our instructors focus on building character through fun and challenging martial arts classes. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our students, their families and the Jacksonville, Florida community through leadership development and martial arts instruction. At Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin, we:

  • Offer karate classes and programs for all age groups and skill levels
  • Focus on discipline, fitness and self-defense training
  • Practice the fundamentals of karate by focusing on basic techniques
  • Stress positive self-esteem and self-control in every martial arts class or program

5 benefits of participating in martial arts

There are many benefits of practicing karate. Martial arts are an ancient means of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Below are a few excellent reasons why you should consider starting today.

Martial arts can help you:

  1. Learn self-defense
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. Improve fitness and strength
  4. Release stress
  5. Increase self-confidence

If you want to improve your strength and learn self-defense, enroll at Pak's Karate Academy Mandarin in Jacksonville, FL today. Call 904-262-8200 to schedule a visit to our academy to meet our instructors and students.

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